Voluntary Trust-service Approval Schemes
common interest group

ViTAS came into being at a workshop on mutual recognition between voluntary approval schemes, hosted by tScheme and the DTI at the DTI conference centre, London on 12th December 2002.

Following that successful initial meeting, a second meeting took place on 16th September 2003 (again in London) at which two papers, an 'issues' paper and a 'legal considerations' paper, were considered by the group.

This meeting confirmed that there was sufficient interest in the ViTAS initiative to establish an Interim Steering Group (ISG) and to put in place an initial action list, for development and implementation by the ISG.

The ISG is now being built up and the action plan reviewed. A third meeting is planned to be held during the latter part of Q1 2004.

To download the report of the second meeting, the latest version of the discussion papers and for details of how to participate in the online discussion, click here.

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For the details of the first event that was held in December 2002, including copies of the presentations, please click here.