Joint DTI/tScheme Workshop

The event was spread over two days, with workshop 1 on December 12th and workshop 2 on December 13th.

A document outlining the discussions and actions arising is available for download here (zipped version).

For the detailed programme of the events see STF220-1 Z01_3-00 Workshops programme.doc.

Workshop 1 covered International co-operation between trust service approval schemes.

Copies of the presentation material is given below.

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Richard Wilsher
Stephen Upton
E-Qual (89KB)
Lionel Vodzislawsky
Jane Hill
Arno Fiedler
Arno Fiedler

Workshop 2 covered the development of a standard for the provision of harmonised trust service provider status information (EESSI project ETSI TC ESI STF220-1).