Citi Issuance Services
from CitiBank, N.A.

Grant of Approval

tScheme Limited grants approval to the electronic trust service identified as:

Citi Issuance Services - provides an end-to-end managed service through which Customers can manage the issuance process to business users including registration, and lifecycle management of digital certificates for use in interoperable frameworks (Trust Network and SAFE-BioPharma ).

as supplied by:
Global Transaction Services, CitiBank
of 388 Greenwich Street, 25th Floor, New York, NY 10013.

The management system used to deliver this service is certified by:
KPMG Audit Plc - Certification Services
of One Canada Square, London, E14 5AG.

to satisfy the criteria defined in the following tScheme Approval Profiles:

Title Identity Issue
Base Approval Profile tSd0111 3.00
Approval Profile for a Certification Authority* tSd0102 3.01
Approval Profile for Certificate Generation* tSd0104 3.01
Approval Profile for Certificate Dissemination tSd0105 3.01
Approval Profile for Certificate Status Management tSd0106 3.01
Approval Profile for Certificate Status Validation tSd0107 3.01
Approval Profile for Credential Validation tSd0109 1.00
Approval Profile for Registration Services tSd0042 3.02

*including Qualified Certificates

Qualified Certificates (QCs):

This Service Provider has demonstrated compliance with the provisions laid down in Directive 1999/93/EC, including with the requirements of Annex I (requirements for QCs), Annex II (requirements for Service Providers issuing QCs) and those of Annex III (requirements for compliant Secure Signature Creation Devices - SSCDs).

This approval initially commenced on:

14th January, 2010

and annual renewal against the current issue of these Approval Profiles was confirmed in:

June 2014

Documents supporting this Grant, including a full description of the service, are available here: Supporting Documents

This Grant of Approval is issued by:

tScheme Limited
Mulberry Grove
PO Box 3653
RG40 9NN
United Kingdom

Company Number 4000985

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