Index of documents supporting the Grant of Approval to Smart DCC Limited’s SMKI Organisation Certification Authority (OCA) service

  1. What the tScheme Approved Service Mark signifies.
  2. Approved Service - Service Description
  3. Approval Profiles used in the assessment:
    Base Approval Profile tSd0111 3.00
    Approval Profile for Registration Services tSd0042 3.02
    Approval Profile for a Certification Authority tSd0102 3.01
    Approval Profile for Certificate Generation tSd0104 3.01
    Approval Profile for Certificate Dissemination tSd0105 3.01
    Approval Profile for Certificate Status Management tSd0106 3.01
    Approval Profile for Certificate Status Validation tSd0107 3.01

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What the tScheme Approved Service Mark signifies

When a trust service carries the tScheme Mark, you can be secure in the knowledge that:

For each service, tScheme approval is regularly reviewed and may be withdrawn.

This Grant of Approval does not affirm or endorse any claims of conformance to standards or adherence to guidelines not explicitly listed as forming part of the service assessment.


Approved Service - Service Description

This Public Service Description relates to Smart DCC Limited’s service known as SMKI Organisation Certification Authority (DCA).

The Smart Meter Key Infrastructure (SMKI) service is a Public Key Infrastructure service operated by Smart DCC Limited under a licence issued by the former Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), now the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and is governed by the Smart Energy Code (SEC). The SMKI service will be used to control the creation, distribution and management of x.509 digital certificates to support the manufacture and roll-out of smart meters in the United Kingdom for the purposes of ensuring the authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation of communications and data passing between the smart meters and the business systems of energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised service users.

Within the overall SMKI, there are three tScheme approved Certificate Authorities, of which one is known as the SMKI Organisation Certification Authority (OCA). The others are the Infrastructure Key Infrastructure Certification Authority (IKI CA or ICA) and the SMKI Device Certification Authority (DCA).

The OCA will be used to issue organisation certificates to energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised service users for the purposes of creating, sending, receiving and processing communications to and from that organisation.

The issuance of organisation certificates by the OCA is governed by the OCA Certificate Policy (CP), which forms Appendix B to the SEC published on the Smart Energy Code Company website, and the associated Certificate Practice Statement (CPS) published to the SMKI Repository together with the tScheme Service Policy Disclosure Statement (SPDS). This tScheme Public Service Description section is published on the tScheme website.

To gain access to SMKI services and request organisation certificates, energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised service users will be required to complete the registration process that is detailed in the SEC Subsidiary document Appendix D, SMKI Registration Authority Process & Procedures (RAPP) and required to abide to the SMKI Code of Connection. All organisation certificate requests are subject to approval by the SMKI Registration Authority (RA).

Organisation certificates, upon issuance, and certificate status validation information in the form of a Certificate Revocation List (CRL), are published by the OCA to the SMKI Repository. Updates to the CRL are published hourly and each CRL is valid for 24 hours. Access to the SMKI Repository is governed by SMKI Repository Code of Connection.


The tScheme Code of Conduct

Participants in the electronic trust services industry strive: