Index of documents supporting the Grant of Approval to Equifax Ltd's Identity Verifier for IdP service.

  1. What the tScheme Approved Service Mark signifies.
  2. Approved Service - Service Description
  3. Approval Profiles used in the assessment:
    Base Approval Profile tSd0111 3.00
    Profile for Identity Registration tSd0108 2.06

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What the tScheme Approved Service Mark signifies

When a trust service carries the tScheme Mark, you can be secure in the knowledge that:

For each service, tScheme approval is regularly reviewed and may be withdrawn.

This Grant of Approval does not affirm or endorse any claims of conformance to standards or adherence to guidelines not explicitly listed as forming part of the service assessment.


Approved Service - Service Description

The subject service of this Grant of Approval is the Identity Verifier for IdP service from Equifax Limited.

Equifax Identity Verifier is an electronic tool for enabling validation and verification of an asserted identity. It enables verification of the identity by means of a patented Knowledge Based Verification (KBV) process in which the claimant’s knowledge of the identity is tested.

The service is highly configurable, enabling configurations of the product to suit particular interpretations of compliance needs to HMG’s Minimum Requirements for the Verification of the Identity of Individuals, both in its current form and to accompany the evolution of those requirements.

It comprises the following features and functions as standard to all KBV configurations:

The following features and functions are configurable according to client need:

The question and rules configuration capability enables the tool to be set up to comply with the IPV Operations Manual and deliver an assessment based upon both the Level 2 and Level 3 scoring criteria.

The component is intended to be integrated into client systems via a Web Services API.

The intended use of the component is to support confirmation of the identity at any point of an interaction with an individual where the bona fides of the identity requires checking. This can be in an on-line, telecentre or face-to-face environment and at any stage of an identity management cycle where such a check is called for application for service, account self-management, unusual transaction risk etc.

Client Support is delivered at initial setup stage by a team of specialist consultants who will configure the product to the specific needs of the client. Operational Support for problem/change management and service queries is provisioned 24/7 via the Equifax Help Desk. Escalation routes are documented as part of the Operational Support process.


The tScheme Code of Conduct

Participants in the electronic trust services industry strive: