Index of documents supporting the Grant of Approval to Morpho UK Limited’s SecureIdentity Service.

  1. What the tScheme Approved Service Mark signifies.
  2. Approved Service - Service Description
  3. Approval Profiles used in the assessment:
    Base Approval Profile tSd0111 3.00
    Profile for Identity Registration tSd0108 2.06
    Profile for an Identity Provider tSd0112 1.00
    Profile for Credential Management tSd0113 1.00

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What the tScheme Approved Service Mark signifies

When a trust service carries the tScheme Mark, you can be secure in the knowledge that:

For each service, tScheme approval is regularly reviewed and may be withdrawn.

This Grant of Approval does not affirm or endorse any claims of conformance to standards or adherence to guidelines not explicitly listed as forming part of the service assessment.


Approved Service - Service Description

The subject service of this Grant of Approval is the SecureIdentity Service from Morpho UK Limited.

SecureIdentity is designed to allow an adult Subscriber to securely authenticate himself/herself to UK official on-line services without the need to repeatedly transmit personal data. It allows the Subscriber to keep a complete control over all his/her personal data he/she provided at the enrolment while Morpho-UK runs the Service infrastructure at its secure Trust Service centre.

The Subscriber registers on his/her personal terminal (smartphone, tablet) and provides a small set of personal data among the list of authorised data. Based on this, SecureIdentity automatically searches public and private databases to validate these evidences to eventually verify the declared identity.

Key features of the SecureIdentity are:

The service is built using Morpho technologies trusted by dozens of governments world-wide and utilises industry standard protocols and best practises to protect personal information.


The tScheme Code of Conduct

Participants in the electronic trust services industry strive: