Nexus TSP Limited: SIGNet electronic trust service

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Former tScheme Registered Applicant [updated September 2002]

On 18th of September 2001, tScheme accepted Nexus TSP Limited's request for Registered Applicant Status in respect of their SIGNet electronic trust service.

As a result of significant changes in the original design of the Signet service, the timetable initially agreed is no longer sustainable. Nexus-TSP remain committed to achieving tScheme approval for their Signet trust service; however they have now informed tScheme that completion of a detailed assessment before the end of 2002 will not be possible.

Nexus-TSP are therefore withdrawn from Registered Applicant status, with effect from Friday 13th September. A new application is expected in 2003

1. Organisation details

- Nexus TSP Limited
- 42 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, UK, AB10 1YN
- Tel: +44 (0) 1224 620000